Planning for Our 10th Anniversary

We are going to have an anniversary coming up and I am looking to plan everything out in advance. Obviously the big thing is to make sure that you budget an appropriate sum for the task. I was thinking about what it would cost to get a limo and driver for the night. So I called up a Toronto party bus company to inquire about what it would cost. I was asking about a town car, not thinking that I needed anything more than that. A big limo that stretched half a block might impress a few girls, but Alice is going to look at something like that and think that I had wasted a big wad of cash on it. A town car is not going to be anything more than a nice luxury car like a lawyer or an accountant would drive, but the thing you really need is someone to drive the car and make sure that you do not end up in the city jail for driving under the influence.

Of course there are other ways to get out of that sort of problem as well. You could call Uber or one of the other ride sharing services, you could hire a cab too. In fact I am going to look into what a nice hotel room would cost as well. We would have to get my parents or hers to watch the children, but that is not very hard. It is harder to make sure that you do not upset the ones that do not get to watch the kids. At any rate I am thinking that this would be less costly than a limo if you did it well. So you just need to pick a restaurant that is either in or near a nice hotel.

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