We Wanted to Have a Party Bus

When I went to the website for a party bus for Toronto company, I had no idea that they were going to have so many different choices. I needed to find transportation for 34 people, and this was the most obvious choice. I could have went with a standard bus company, but I did not want anyone on this trip to feel cramped in such small seats. I remembered my last bus ride, and it was just not very comfortable for a 50 minute trip, and this was going to be a two hour trip just one way.

I wanted everyone to be comfortable and enjoy the experience, and I knew that they would really like the luxury of a party bus. I was taken in by the description of the bus too, because who does not like a party? I knew that we would have a lot of fun on there, especially with how the seats are situated. Instead of the typical bus seats that are lined up in rows and all facing one direction, these were set in a way where no one is excluded from the party. With the other type of bus, the only person you can really talk with is the person sitting next to you.

With this bus, you can talk to practically anyone else on the bus. And, if someone is at the other end, then you just get up and move, because there are plenty of seats on this bus, and comfortable seats too, I might add! There is even a TV, a sound system and so much more, and the lighting on the bus definitely makes it a party atmosphere. It was definitely the right choice for a trip like this, and it is the way we will do it from now on for any future trips too.

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