Party Buses Are Very Nice!

The first time I saw the inside of one of the Toronto party buses that a local company has, I was literally blown away. I could not believe that what I was seeing was actually labeled as a bus. It definitely looked like it could be labeled as a party though! The bus that I was on that first time was able to seat up to 24 people. My friend had won a contest that the local radio station had, and a party bus was part of the prize package.

He had no need for this, so he decided to just invite a bunch of his friends for a night out on it. When he first invited me, I honestly thought he was pulling my leg. I was imagining a group of guys all facing one direction holding a can of beer in their hands. I am so glad the reality of the situation was much different than what I imagined! As soon as I saw the bus pull in, I as impressed and knew that I was wrong. That was without even seeing the inside of the bus!

A few guys got on before me, so I had to wait about a minute before seeing how sweet the inside of the party bus is. It looked like party central! There were all kinds of crazy lights going, and the music playing was just the right kind to get us all in the partying mode. We ended up going to a few different bars and lounges that night, and having a designated driver was really great about that. I have been on a few party buses since because some of my other friends who were on the bus ended up getting one for their weddings, so I got to have more fun because I was a groomsmen in their weddings. Talk about nice!

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