Portable Dual DVD Player Accessories

In order to make your travelling much more convenient and entertaining, watching a great movie is not a bad idea. During flight you can watch movies on your seat however, the screen is small and placed at a distance, it is usually edited and mostly interrupted by the cabin crew announcements. Consider buying a portable DVD player and free yourself from all these worries. By definition a portable DVD player is a player that is more than your MP3 player. It lets you play the movie of your choice, with the capability to rewind forward and pause whenever you want. The size and weight of the DVD player makes it truly portable. After buying in car portable dvd player the next step is to purchase necessary accessories to make the experience more useful, from carrier bags to headphones these accessories are essential.

One of the most common accessories used in portable DVD player are Headphones. To travel light, purchase a pair of ear buds that would let you keep sound to yourself or just spend a little bit more money and purchase noise cancelling headphone that have better sound quality and noise cancellation ability.

When travelling with a friend purchase a Y- adapter for your DVD player audio output or headphone jack splitter. Headphone jack splitter splits a single headphone socket into two sockets allowing you to enjoy the movie with your friend.

Rechargeable battery is another accessory that you should purchase while travelling, as it saves you from a lot of trouble. As most of the internal batteries last for only 1 to 2 hours. Batteries come in various sizes and weight therefore before making the purchase make sure that the batteries support your model of DVD player and is easy to carry. If purchasing an extra battery pack out of budget, then look for an AC adapter for your car, the one that can charge the internal battery from your cars lighter.

An AV cable with two mini jacks on one end (video and audio) allows you to plug in the portable device into a TV or connect other devices like digital camera into the portable player.

Carrying lots of favourite movies should also be taken into consideration, but it could create weight issues if the compact CD case is not available, so make sure that you purchase compact CD case to bring in any of your favourite movies. These cases are available nylon, plastic and cotton casing with polypropylene sleeves to protect the CD from dirt and scratches.

Arcade games held in Game pads are ideal for travelling, so now you can not only play movies but you can also enjoy games. By connecting the game pad into dual dvd player for car that accepts input you can enjoy games.

Carry case is another important accessory that will help you protect your player from any water or physical damage. Look for a bag that has sufficient padding to protect your DVD player, because during travelling portable electronic items get mishandled easily.

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