Budget Travel – Hotels or Holiday Rentals?

When deciding on accommodations for your next vacation, many people don’t realize that there are more options than your basic two-bed and mini bar hotel room. The world of holiday rentals is growing in popularity and lucky for many travelers can be significantly more budget friendly. With the present economic state in many countries, travelers are looking for ways to save, and staying at a holiday rental is one of the finest and easiest ways to save money and have an incredible experience on your next trip!

Think of it this way, if you decide on a home rental, whether it is a villa, condo, or eight bedroom home, you have access to numerous amenities you may not get in a hotel. Full kitchen, numerous bedrooms, a backyard, and free parking are all options that you can find with holiday rentals. Travelers are able to save on multiple expenses that they would inquire by staying in a hotel; with the option to cook at the rental and free parking you could save thousands a week! This is a massive savings that many people don’t even know about!

Deciding to go with a holiday rental is often something that is well suited for groups or people or individuals with small children who need or want extra space that you cant find with a hotel. Holiday rentals are also perfect for those looking for a romantic getaway as they offer immensely more privacy. The best part is that many holiday rentals are priced competitively with the hotels in their area, meaning there is tons of savings to be had!

Vacation rentals are a great option for families as they are able to have everyone under one roof and save hundreds of dollars a night! If two families are travelling together and they find a four-bedroom rental, the amount of money they would save renting the holiday rental compared to a minimum of two hotel rooms is unmatched. With the possibility of such extraordinary savings many families now have the option to travel, where before the high cost of hotel rooms for a week or longer stay just would not have been an option.

Girlfriend getaways are another vacation option that can benefit from holiday rentals. With numerous promotions being offered now from hotels and travel companies that are tailored to girlfriend weekend getaways, many people believe that these are amazing deals; this really isn’t the case much of the time. Just like families, groups of friends or girlfriends can find great holiday rentals that come out to a fraction of the price per night of a hotel, along with many little extras and perks like a private pool or hot tub!

Many people would think that home rentals would only be fitting for groups travelling, however solo travelers can also reap the benefits of holiday rentals. Why not rent an apartment for yourself on your next business trip or solo vacation? You have privacy, a full equipped kitchen and all the amenities of home, making it a perfect option for solo travelers.

Besides the obvious cheaper accommodations, vacation rentals can also offer travelers top-notch locations! A beautiful villa only steps from the ocean, a cabin at the foot of your favorite slopes, or a condo in the heart of downtown! You will also most likely have free parking, outdoor space and many other great things that you just can’t get from a hotel.

If it’s your first time considering a holiday rental there are a few things that the budget conscious traveler should be aware of. Firstly it is important that you have a detailed rental agreement with the homeowner or property management company that details the terms of the rental along with any specifications or requests you had made and agreed upon. It would also be smart to pay by credit card, as you are able to dispute the charge with your credit card company if you are no longer given the rental after payment is made. These are some things that travelers who are new to the holiday rental industry may not know and are key to having a great first experience with holiday rentals!

A word of caution before jumping aboard the holiday rental, its always smart to compare between rentals and even with hotels. Depending on your needs, budget and expectations there are certain things you as a traveler wont budge on, and you shouldn’t have to! So do your homework, figure out your budget and compare what kind of accommodation best suites you and your travel plans!

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