Boutique Hotels: The Reason for an Increasingly Contemporary Phenomenon

The significant growth recorded in recent years in the tourism and hospitality sector demonstrates how important it has become the need to travel for holiday, so as to make it the rank of real “social need”.

Such an increase is the involvement of an ever increasing number of people in the world and a greater variety in the needs of tourists who are seeking increasingly sophisticated and personalized solutions, strongly stimulated by an articulated and persuasive information and promotion system.

The changes caused by globalization and the multi-ethnicity of our societies have in some sense created a feeling of being lost due to the difficulty of rediscovering some of the usual landmarks and this leads people to seek warmth, authenticity, identity.

The frenzy and the stress they have constantly undergone generate the need to escape from reality and make relaxation pauses that will regenerate. The growing prosperity leads the post-modern consumer to attach great importance to the hedonistic and emotional aspects of living experience. Accelerating everyday rhythms leads consumers to seek comfort and solutions that allow them to optimize their time.

Being a receptive service serving the achievement of people’s well-being, the aforementioned aspects inevitably reflect their own consequences on the modulation of the offer.

In the hotel industry, on the demand side emerges the consumer’s tendency to seek more than a simple overnight service, a real experience, and on the supply side to make efforts to make its own unique product-service in order to differentiate itself from competitors.

Worldwide receptive operators are therefore implementing the most varied, and sometimes bizarre, forms of hospitality that can satisfy the needs, needs and desires of the market niches that they aspire to.
A special offer of accommodation is made by the “Boutique Hotels“: this new hotel formula is showing a clear success at the clientele and achieving interesting performance compared to the traditional receptive operators of the same level.

This growth must be attributed to the peculiar attributes of the Boutique Hotels offering with which they intercept and meet the needs that are fueling a growing share of the hospitality market, generating a trend.

But what exactly are the special needs of those who choose boutique hotels for their stay? Those who choose to stay at boutique hotels want to enjoy a vacation already inside the walls of the structure that will house it. The boutique hotels represent the starting point and the arrival of a holiday by transmitting with their particular furnishings, themed rooms and experiences that you can feel the holiday in a holiday.

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