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    A Brief Outline on How Pregnancy Affects Health

    A Brief Outline on How Pregnancy Affects Health

    Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phases in a woman’s life. She is experiencing many changes in her body physically at this point. She learns to cope with this and sometimes you see women disturbed mentally. A lot of changes happen to a woman physically, emotionally, mentally during pregnancy and she faces a lot of health problems too. This phase is not easier too as she experiences frequent mood swings, fear, etc.

    Protecting a new life in your womb for about 9 months is not easy and with it comes a lot of complications when sufficient care is not taken. If you take sufficient care of yourself then, you can get back to your normal self within a few months but for that put in your best efforts. The changes that occur in your body are


    Some women experience lot of hair fall during pregnancy and sometimes after too. Hair becomes thinner and coarser. Sometimes the oil secretion is too much and you might experience very oily hair. If you intake sufficient nutrient rich food then, this could be avoided to some extent as the nutrients reach the follicle and hair grows normal.

    Mood Swings

    Some women become frightened while some feel some sadness. This is all due to hormones and once when the baby is born you become normal.


    Women face issues with weak bones and sometimes the issue becomes serious. To avoid this consult a dietician and take in calcium rich foods. Do consume broccoli, yogurt and milk. All these calcium rich foods make your bones stronger and you need to consume them regularly even after delivery during lactation. Supplements can also be taken.


    Breasts become fuller and they start to sag. Many women do not like this but when they stop lactation the breasts come back to their normal size. It becomes smaller and softer.


    During pregnancy because of high estrogenic levels the blood circulation is better than before. It is because of this that pregnant women have a glow on their faces and there are a lot of stretch marks on the breasts, hips and abdomen. Sometimes dark marks are seen in upper lip and cheeks and they fade away with time. In some cases women experience a dark colour on their neck. Stretch marks are a very common feature during pregnancy.


    A woman weighs more during her pregnancy and it … READ MORE

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    A Trip across Central India – Hyderabad to Mumbai

    Pearl City of India, Hyderabad, offers a variety of tourist destinations among which Forts, monument, museum, and lake are mentionable. Scrumptious delicacies and contemporary shopping plaza decorate this city full of Smiles and lights. Signature of Hyderabad the Charminar, Golconda the famous fort, Lord Venkateswara temple Birla Mandir, Salar Jung Museum are  few names which attract the vacationist and residents of the city.

    A Trip across Central India - Hyderabad to Mumbai

    Check the schedule of Hyderabad to Mumbai flights Fare just in case you want to visit the city of dreams, Mumbai, the heart of Indian Bollywood industry.

    Mumbai, the city of fascination

    The city of contradiction regarding modernity and tradition, glamour and sordidness, hopes and confusion, Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay has a long colonial history. Hometown to Bollywood’s superstar, big industrialists, Fisherman, and slum dwellers, Mumbai has in its vicinity stories to boost of human civilization and prosperity.

    Places welcoming visitor wholeheartedly: The most iconic tourist spots in the City are the Gateway of India, Marine Drive where one can sit, relax and feel the breeze from waves of the Arabian Sea. The Majestic TajMahal Hotel which is another landmark of the city reflects the rich heritage.

    Few most visited places of Mumbai by tourist are:

    1) GirgaumChowpatty

    Popularly known as Chowpatty, this Sandy Beach is a chill-out zone in southern Mumbai. Place frequented by visitors to relax from daily life stress as at night it looks like a colorful fair, with street food stalls offering Mumbai delicacies like BhelPuri, PavBhaji, Pulav, PaniPuri and variety of Chaat.

    2) BandraWorli Sea Link

    Officially known as Rajiv Gandhi sea link this airplane cable-stayed Bridge is an initiative of Maharashtra government. More than 37500 vehicles commute through this Bridge as it reduces the time travel between Bandra and Worli. It is the live example of man-made Marvel and natural beauty of magnificent Blue Water. Twinkling lights at night increases the beauty of the place manifold.

    3) Essel World

    This world-famous Essel World located in Mumbai together with the Water Kingdom makes Asia’s largest amusement park. The provision of a day-long picnic or overnight stay helps to explore both the parks. Expanded over an area of 64 acres, EsselWorld has eye-catching landscapes and excellent locations for professional shooting.

    4) Haji Ali Dargah

    This is a mausoleum built in 1431 to commemorate a wealthy Muslim merchant Syed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari who gave his wealth in charity before making a … READ MORE